1. €15.50Grilled beetroots, lentils from Puy, cream of goat cheese 
  2. €15.50Ceviche of scallops with a salad of wakame 
  3. €15.50Prawns in shellfish oil with garlic 
  4. €15.50Tarte Tatin of duckliver with a sauce of cognac 
Main courses
  1. €25.50Fillet of sea bass with fennel and saffron 
  2. €25.50Fillet of turbot with truffle tagliatelle  
  3. €25.50Kidney of veal with a mustard sauce 
  4. €25.50Grilled tenderloin of beef with béarnaise sauce 
  5. €25.50Rack of lamb with a sauce of garlic and thyme 
Cheese en Deserts
  1. €9.50Cheese plate 
  2. €9.50Floating island 
  3. €9.50Nougat glacé with salty caramel 
  4. €9.50Panna cotta with a cream of lemon 
  5. €9.50Home made ice-cream and sorbets (Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistacchio, Raspberries, Lemon, Mango) 
Starter, main course and cheese or desert together for €44,50