1. €13.50Homemade terrine with marinated vegetables 
  2. €14.50Salad of local tomatoes, burrata mozzarella and avocado 
  3. €14.50Cassolet with prawns in shellfish oil and garlic 
  4. €15.50Tartare of beef with oysters and poached egg 
  5. €16.50Tarte Tatin of duck liver with brandy sauce 
Main courses
  1. €21.50Ravioli of porcini, spinach, Parmesan cheese and truffle 
  2. €21.50Spring chicken Belgium style (sauteed potatoes and salad) 
  3. €22.50Kidney of veal with whole mustard sauce 
  4. €23.50Thaï curry with filet of cod  
  5. €25.50Nasi Rames, (Indonesian dish), Chefs suggestion  
  6. €31.50Grilled tenderloin steak with bearnaise sauce 
  1. €9.50Cheese plate 
  2. €9.50Panna cotta with red fruit sauce 
  3. €9.50Nougat glacé with salty caramel 
  4. €9.50Moelleux of dark chocolat with vanilla ice-cream  
  5. €9.50Home made ice-cream and sorbets (Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistacchio, Raspberries, Lemon, Mango)