About Us

In 1999, patron/cuisinier Lodewijk Schröder ('60) and his charming wife Marie-Louise, moved down to the Provence, to realize a long-cherished dream: running an exclusive restaurant with a warm, welcoming atmosphere where guests would instantly feel at home.

Self-trained Schröder has made a huge succes of it. Although his passion for cooking only took off until later in life (after having studied Land and Water Management and having attended the higher agricultural school) his original dishes are inspired by the classic French-Mediterranean cuisine, but with his personal touch added to it.

He built his knowledge and expertise at various reputable Dutch restaurants, such as Lauswolt, Chalet Royal, De Kersentuin and Brasserie van Baerle. He became especially driven whilst cooking with Joop Braakhekke at Le Garage: the combination of culinary perfection and a relaxed atmosphere appealed to him. "When you are out for lunch or dinner, you do not only expect to be served good food, but also to feel at home in welcoming surroundings with lots of personal attention."

That is why the walls in our restaurant are decorated with sunny, Mediterranian scenes by artists such as Jos Leurs and Annelies Hoek. That is why the central focus of the restaurant is Lodewijk’s self-designed kitchen, That is why you can enjoy sultry summer evenings, outside on our inviting, romantic terrace. And that is why at 'Le Temps des Cerises' you will find the sun shining literally on your plate. Or as Louis says: "Don’t fiddle around too much with the ingredients, they are tasty enough of themselves". Less is more. And that shows the hand of the master.